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  7. Bravely plunging into the unknown, Herrle decided to build the house of his dreams, hoping to lead a more Waldenesque self-sufficient life of simplicity. Best of all, his beloved fiancée also was of the same mind, so Herrle set about building their future home, keeping the footprint small but functional, and using salvaged materials whenever he could.

    Amazingly, Herrle was able to construct this tiny cabin of 11 by 14 feet in the woods for only $4,000 and in only six short weeks. The rustic interior is lovely (we love the colourful Mexican ceramic sink), and the house itself is sited on a hillside porch that wraps around some trees and juts out 12 feet high off the ground on one side. (x)

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    Absolutely love. Cozy and plaid, but far from rural. The nightstand from vintage suitcases is fabulous.

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